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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking offers a wonderful combination of enjoying nature and physical training. Compared to jogging, this activity is gentler, but just as beneficial for your health, and even beginners can try Nordic walking in Passeiertal. The numerous trails in the Hirzer hiking area offer ideal routes for training. One example is the ten-km circular trail from Prenn via Grube to the Gampenalm and back, which is perfect for Nordic walking.


Klammeben – Stafell -– Grube – Gompmalm – Hirzerhütte – Klammeben

walking distance: 6,4 km
altitude difference: 200 m
starting point: Klammeben

Prenn – Oberkirn – Grube – Gompmalm – Hochwies – Prenn

walking distance: 10,7 km
altitude difference: 450 m
starting point: Prenn