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The Hirzer flying area is considered one of the most fascinating in the Alps. Here, numerous adventure-seekers in the Passeiertal valley experience their first silent glide through the air while looking down on the picturesque forests and meadows from above. The Ifinger tandem club (tel. +39 339 763 1715) the Fliegerclub Adlerhorst (Tel. +39 335 676 6891) and the Fly Hirzer (tel. +39 334 266 2424) in Saltaus offer guided tandem flights, and their information offices are located right next to the Hirzer cable car valley station.

Saltaus and the Hirzer flying area are also known for their quality among experienced tandem pilots: The spacious launch site above Klammeben is easily accessible via the Hirzer cable car and a short 15-minute walk. There is also another take-off site directly at the middle station of the cable car. The landing site, an extensive meadow, is located directly on the banks of the Passer next to the “Apfelhotel Torgglerhof”. The ideal time for flights is early in the morning due to possible stronger valley winds from midday.